Wednesday, August 27, 2008

more pictures

Here are more pictures

Gracie and one of the performers

I love this picture. I thinks it's so cute. It looks like Emily is telling them a big secrete.

"Okay, Laurie Alice hit it just like this and we will beat the others"!!!!!
FYI: If you don't know Rusty, he is a tad competitive

" I know that ball is in here somewhere"

Monday, August 25, 2008

I have so many pictures from our TN trip that I thought I would just post them over the next couple of weeks as it takes too long to post them in one blog. I wanted to give everyone an update first on our visit with the oral surgeon. We took Laurie Alice to see him about three weeks ago and he said that he will watch her grow over the next several years and then anytime between the age of 7-10 she will have her bone graft done. I am so thankful she doesn't need surgery anytime soon.

We meet with the other two families who traveled with us to China in 2003. We all had a really nice time and it was neat that the Olympics were also being held during the same time. We took the girls to see a Chinese Acrobate show and they had the best time. Our girls were every bit as popular as the performers. We had people actually taking pictures of our girls having their pictures made with the performers. It was funny!

On with the pictures!!!

Hot Tub Cuties

Anna, Jada, Emily, Gracie

Anna is Emily's little sister

Gracie playing Putt Putt

Lifelong Friends

Anna, Emily, Gracie and Maiya (Jada's little sister)

These were taken in the parking lot before the show.

I decided to leave Laurie Alice with Rusty. I wasn't sure she would make it through a

two hour performance

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Touching Video

I have many things to post about like our Gotcha Reunion trip in TN and Laurie Alice's apt. with the oral surgeon and school started yesterday but I don't have the time today but promise I will this week and I'll have pictures.

For now though I wanted to share this very touching video. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Love Without Boundaries. They give children a chance at life and a chance to have a family. As far as I know Laurie Alice did not receive her surgeries through them but she did receive surgery. I don't know how it was paid for but I'm sure it was by some very generous people. I would say I don't know why or how she was so fortunate to have received platae and lip repair but I know God has everything to do with it. What I don't know is why all the children in China can't recieve surgery, but they don't and maybe it's because God wants to use us because we are so blessed her in the USA. I hope you enjoy this clip and I hope you thank God just as I do daily that Laurie Alice and so many other wonderful children have found forever families

I tried to post the video directly but just can't get it to work. This link will take you to the video.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

3 Months Ago

I can't beleive that it was just three months ago today that we were introduced to our sweet girl. I feel like Laurie Alice has been a part of our lives since the day she was born. This photo was taken on Gotcha Day. She had only been with us for about 2 hours. I know this because she sat on my lap for at least an hour and then it took another hour and she finally smiled for the camera.

Friday, August 1, 2008


So the other night we are sitting in this restaurant having a lovely meal when Gracie looks right at me and in her loud voice ask "how exactly do babies get in their Mama's stomaches". I think Rusty spit some of his food out and I sat there like a deer in headlights. When I recovered I gave Rusty that "what do we do" look. He responded "honey, we are not going to talk about that right now". Of course Gracie wanted to know why and I told her it was just one of those topics we will have to talk about in private. Thank you, she forgot about it!!!!!!!!! YIKES, is this already happening? We try to always take an honest approach and answer her questions when she ask but this is just one of those subjects that I'm not prepared to discuss yet with a six year old. It's been so nice that she thinks babies are adopted and come home on planes.

Stay tuned...............................................